Earn Points and Redeem Great Rewards

How To Get Points

1. Order from Design & Print Services.

2. Order from Design Only Services.

3. Order from Social Media Design Services.

4. Order from Website Services.

5. Refer Avs Image Designs to friends or family.

6. ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ on Facebook.

7. Invite friends & family to ‘Like’ & ‘Follow’ on Facebook.

8. Join ‘Competitions & Giveaways (UK Only)‘.

9. Invite friends & family to join ‘Competitions & Giveaways (UK Only)‘.

10. ‘Follow’ on Twitter.

11. Write a review on Trustpilot.

12. Write a review on Yell.

13. Complete a Survey.

Redeem points, and you could win Exclusive Discounts, Gift Cards, Mystery Prizes and more. Our way of saying Thank You!

Trophies: Introduction

  • Each trophy has a number which represent the buyers awarded points.
  • More points, the better chance of winning big prizes.
  • Each colored trophy indicates the buyers level, represents your purchase rank and how much points you have received.
  • If you have been awarded a red trophy and redeemed your prize, all your points will reset.
  • To know your total earned points, contact us by email at: and reference your Support PIN.

Support PIN

  • The Support PIN is a code that Avs Image Designs uses to help verify account ownership.
  • At your first order from Avs Image Designs, you would have received an email giving you your Support PIN details.
  • We will send you a Verification Code by Post if you lost your PIN. You’ll be required to verify the code by email. Once verified, you will receive your Support PIN by email.

The Trophy Chart

Pink Trophy: 500 points
Purple Trophy: 1000 points
Blue Trophy: 2500 points
Green Trophy: 5000 points
Yellow Trophy: 15,000 points
Orange Trophy: 25,000 points
Red Trophy: 50,000 points