Waterproof Posters

Take a look at our high quality all-weather posters. These waterproof posters are made from PVC and are suitable to be put up whatever the weather. Choose from our set sizes or select a custom size.

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Do you need a poster that can be left out in all weathers?

Our waterproof outdoor posters are the choice for you. These PVC posters are printed using inks which have a strong resistance to UV light and don’t wash off when it rains.

They are printed on to 440gsm PVC that is fully waterproof and will last in all sorts of weather.

You have a choice of custom sizes whether its a standard A3 or a more bespoke size you can order any size from 200 x 200mm to a massive 4890 x 2500mm.

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440gsm PVC


A3, A2, A1


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