Special Offers


With nine years of experience in computer graphic editing, I am an independent graphic designer delivering customised products for special people and unique events. For customer satisfaction I’m always ready and available with my professional graphic design skills.

If you need a gift or want to surprise someone special for a unique occasion, then my unique portfolio has collections for you to choose a suitable design to your preferences.

I also work on Corporate imagery and know the language of colour very well. It is important to create the best impression of your business by combining the right elements. Regardless of the level of your firm’s success, you should present an image of expertise that customers can trust!

All products are personally designed by me(unless said otherwise) and all are unique and exceptional. I prioritise the projects and commitments to complete them before required deadlines.

I make it easy, fast and very affordable to get the unique design you are looking for. Beginning with an idea, I would get designing directions and exactly what you want through an interview, face-to-face, by email or by phone. After that, I will deliver a draft product to you to alter or approve.


By using the self-selected online editing software, Avs begins her profession by editing the pictures of her family and friends on social media. Later, to challenge herself in this line of work, she bought a photo and video editing software and the result is the hobby became the business.

As the business of graphic designing requires a good imagination and Avs is well known for her great imagination. In 2012 Avs went to a Prosthetics Course which further inspired her creativity.

Later in 2013 Avs recognised that she has the skills and talent to be self-employed and the business was conceived.

After having taken a few years to do all the business research she could and completing the business plan. The struggles and time it took, she is now running her own business alone.

Avs is the owner of the website with an online shop and a business page on Facebook. She wants to spread her business of graphic designing worldwide and this is her target.