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Avs Image Designs does not hold responsible for any content you send. Avs Image Designs does not accept any offensive, pornographic, racism, hatred and harassment of any kind. This includes unauthorised copy of another person’s copy righted work, photograph or video of another person without their consent.

If Avs Image Designs detects copyright infringement from what you have given, then Avs Image Designs has the right to decline the order and delete your account with Avs Image Designs. Avs Image Designs has the right to ask for proof that the content you have given is yours or that you have the right of use.

Law – Avs Image Designs is a Sole Trader under laws of the United Kingdom with its headquarters in Falkirk, Scotland. All issues related to protection, infringement or misuse shall be governed by the copyright laws of the United Kingdom. Any legal action to our arising from your access to use this site shall be instituted in Livingston, Scotland. You agree to submit to the courts in Livingston, Scotland and agree that the venue in this court is used in any such legal action or proceeding. Avs Image Designs will not be responsible for lost profits, revenues, data, losses or any damages.

Ordering – To order from Avs Image Designs, you will need to create an account first by completing the registration (or use the guest checkout). You will be responsible for all use of your account. Avs Image Designs has the right to close your account if you have breached any terms and conditions.

Copyrighted content – This website and all its content are the copyrighted property of Avs Image Designs or have copyrighted property of parties from whom Avs Image Designs has licensed such property.

You have permission to use this site and its content for the sole purpose of ordering products or services through Avs Image Designs. You do not have the right to download any content from this website.

Artwork – Before Avs Image Designs sends over the artwork to print, Avs Image Designs will always make sure you’re happy with the artwork and will need confirmation from you to go ahead with printing. We do not accept refunds after printing.

By confirming to go ahead, you agree that once printing has been made that refunds and returns will no longer be available. Once you have received your order and noticed there is a spelling mistake, or you have forgotten to send content, Avs Image Designs will not be responsible and therefore no refunds or returns will not be acceptable. You must give all information that will be needed for your order.

Third parties – Avs Image Designs does not claim any ownership with third party content.

Avs Image Designs provide a print service via a third party that established in 1997 and have won print awards, located in Scotland UK.

Avs Image Designs does not hold responsible for any third parties. You may be linked to a third party if this is requested by a third party.

All third-party companies’ privacy is confidential.

Complaint – If you have a complaint to make, you will need to contact us by email and request us to send you a PDF form for you to fill, sign and complete then email the completed form to us. You can email us at: abuse@avsimagedesigns.co.uk. We will then contact you to resolve the issue.

By reading the above, you agree to use this site in a responsible manner regarding terms of use.

Avs Image Designs have the right to disclose personal information, including account information when we believe such disclosure is appropriate to cooperate with an investigation of unlawful actions of our terms of use or to protect the rights or property of Avs Image Designs or others.

Privacy Policy

Avs Image Designs protects the information that you send during your use of this website. This applies to every page visit, transactions, services that is given through this website. The information you give is confidential.

HTTP COOKIES – Http Cookie is a little part of data from a website which is stored in the user’s computer by the web browser when the user is browsing. Cookies were created for websites to remember information or keep note of user’s activity and to resolve any errors.

Ordering from Avs Image Designs, you will need to enable cookies. This applies for any device you use. Cookies does not harm your device whatsoever. Information we collect from cookies is completely secure. Avs Image Designs does not have control over cookies used by third parties. Your personal details are confidential.

YOUR ACCOUNT – When you register an account with Avs Image Designs, Avs Image Designs will receive the information, including purchase and payment details.

THIRD PARTIES – Avs Image Designs use third parties for certain services. Avs Image Designs may disclose personal information about you to these third parties to help complete requirements. They secure all data they are given by Avs Image Designs.

PERSONAL DETAILS – You give consent and unrestricted right and grant permission to Avs Image Designs and It’s providers, affiliates, employees and director to use, translate, edit, copy, distribute, assign, sublease to service providers, publish, and reproduce your quote or extracts of your quote, including first name, last name, city of residence and country of residence, company name and website URL in connection with any marketing, advertising and/or promotion activities of Avs Image Designs products and/or services.

QUOTE – You consent to allow Avs Image Designs to edit your quote for clarity, length, spelling and grammar and you agree that you will not have any right to be notified of, inspect or approve any Marketing Use.

You forever release, discharge and hold harmless Avs Image Designs and all other person(s) or entity(ies) from any and all liability for any violation of any personal or proprietary right with respect to the use of your quote at any time.

You affirm that you are over the age of majority and have the right to contract in your own name, and that you have read the above authorisation and fully understand its contents.

DECISIONS – Communications from Avs Image Designs: If you do not want to receive communications from Avs Image Designs about products and services that may be of interest to you, simply Contact us. We may still communicate with you regarding your use of our Website, your orders or your account.

Deactivation of Your Account: You may also request deactivation of your Avs Image Designs account by contacting us and requesting account deactivation. Please note that some information may remain in our archived records after your account has been deactivated.

MANAGING YOUR ACCOUNT – If you wish to change your name, e-mail address, telephone number, password, communication and/or opt-in preferences after you have registered, contact us.

4 Things Avs Image Designs will never do.

  1. We will never ask for your full bank details(including long number and pin).
  2. We will never ask you to withdraw money directly to our bank account.
  3. We will never send someone to your home to collect cash, pin, card or cheque payments.
  4. We will never accept cash in hand.

If you have had any of the above happen, it’s important to phone your bank and police scotland on 101 after a fraudulent activity. Any information regarding those responsible for fraudulent crimes, contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or crimestoppers-uk.org