Last Update: 27/2/21

Avs Image Designs Ltd

In April 2020 an Individual registered a Ltd Company called Avs Image Designs Ltd. I believe this to be malicious, and an attempt to have his newly formed company changed as my business which has been trading above and beyond. Already, I have received communications from this person which are menacing and clearly intended to cause myself fear and alarm. I have been advised by my solicitors to bring these to the attention of the police. To resolve the issue of this person’s company using the name of my business, I will be filing an application to Company Names Tribunal against the individual and his company, if he fails to change the name by 25/3/21. If you have had any dealings with this Individual in the past in which he has held himself or his company to be part of, or associated with, my business Avs Image Designs, I would be grateful if you send details to:

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